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The brand name ‘Metaphore’ is French for metaphorical expression, and we are conscious of expressing the changes of the times through fashion.
The collection is based on the fashion culture of Tokyo, the designer's hometown, and is based on the same perspective of mode and street.
Based on classic items, the collection features reinterpretations and reconstructions from the designer's unique perspective, challenging the increasingly global homogenization of the fashion market.
Fukatsu sincerely hopes that people will be able to express their identity by wearing his collection in their daily lives.

2022 Spring/Summer Collection

Inspired by Goa Trance, an electronic dance music style in India that embraces the harmony of nature, love, peace, and freedom. "Restraint and freedom, 2 themes in our daily lives we face constantly. SS22 is all about harmonizing the idea of letting go and being free while facing up to this modern world that we live in." - Maison Metaphore’s founder and designer, Kento Fukatsu


"Let people wear good products for a long time."

With this motto, we are committed to MADE IN JAPAN and produce only the required number of items.

Our production team continues to supply products to both domestic and international collection brands, and has earned a high reputation around the world. In order to sustain Japanese craftsmanship for the long term, we do not have a physical store, choosing global e-commerce and selling directly without any intermediaries, therefore giving back to the factories.

'I want to deliver Japanese craftsmanship to the world' is the wish of designer Fukatsu.